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Eladrin Stones: Chapter 9

“Darkness lurked before them, clawing at their faces as their feet sunk into the mist covered ground. Trees surrounded them, reaching to the sky through the fog that blocked their path. Sounds encompassed them, leaving a shadow in their brave though frightened hearts. Darkness was their friend. Darkness was their ally. And darkness would betra—” […]

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The Eladrin Stones: Chapter 6

“Didn’t see that coming,” Golgh said staring where the Displacer Beast vanished with the hairless and tongueless hag. “Well, now what?” he asked looking to Varghul and Benison. The Adventurers looked about in the effervescent mushroom grove. Black all around them, endless deep black that seemed to thicken the longer they looked at it. “What […]

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