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“He called me a liar,” I said gazing out the window. Judith’s stare bore into the back of my head, but I didn’t care. I only watched the rain fall. “It’s as if… the heavens are crying for me.”   “So he read Broken and he called you liar,” Judith said. “How do you feel?” […]

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Continued from “Meanwhile…” Creeping to the beat of his own ballads, Bergen slithers in and out of Angela’s subconscious until, at long last, he sees the dim, though distant light in the control room. “Angela’s conscience… he mutters in a sexy brogue the ladies can’t resist. Bergen grins proudly to himself. “Almost there.” *Hiiiiiisssss* goes […]

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Meanwhile… In the bowels of Angela’s Subconscious…

Continued from Bergen vs. the Author… Darkness… all around… I can’t get out. I can’t… get out. I can’t… Hey, a Guinness! April… The 20th … 36 minutes past two in the afternoon. How long has it been? Days… weeks… months? Yes. Five. Five months… That’s how long it’s been. That’s how long I’ve waited, […]

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