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Excerpt: “The last of my life is leaving me.”

Excerpt From Dolor and Shadow   Kallan inhaled again, painfully numb to the stagnant nothingness as she stared into the black waters of the Kattegat.  The waves washed into the rock, beating at Lorlenalin’s base like the void that pushed against her, wearing her down little by little, carving out the rock one wave at […]

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Excerpt: “Why did you save me?”

Excerpt from Dolor and Shadow   Empty and forgotten, the third flask lay among their bags as Kallan stared up at the moon’s crescent.  With every image that plagued her imagination, her sanity slipped further from rational.  Huffing, she flipped to her side.  From across the fire, light spread up and over Rune, spilling over […]

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