Mapping Kallan’s World

I live in the mountains of New York State where the closest store requires a drive through the breathtaking Autumn displays of New England.  We have maple festivals in the spring and apple fests in the fall and cruel winters as cold as Norway that follow our sweltering, humid summers.  I love New York!  I […]

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The Cast

            “I love this city…and its people.  And I know this,” Kallan said, “but through all the blood and the hate and the war I’ve lost my love for Lorlenalin.”  Kallan looked hard into Gudrun’s gold eyes. “I know I love Lorlenalin. I must. But I can no longer feel it. And I don’t care […]

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When Writers Are Bored…

…they write zany stories filled with debauchery that, in most cases, break the rules and defy physics. Why? Because on an average work day, a writer must adhere to the rules of the world they created and write within a character’s guidelines. Every now and then a writer just says, “You know what? Damn the […]

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