#B2BCyCon Stop #9

“Let’s go, Angela!” you say. “I’ve got questions.”

“No!” Bergen shouts!

“Nice of you to join me,” Angela says and smashes something on the ground. Smoke dissipates and you feel yourself being carried away…


* * *

You find yourself in the Dvergar mines.

“Where are we?”

I have to send you back. This isn’t over and Bergen will stop at nothing to destroy me.


“No, it just sounds better than, “he’ll take my blog, man!”

Before you go, I have one last thing for you.

Angela presents you with a chest.

Before you go, I do have something to ask. Would you please, subscribe to my site. I have many perks and offer free stuff, first dibs on news, events, and releases, and you’ll obtain access to the not-so-secret Secret Club. You can click here if you have questions about subscription.

[smlsubform prepend=”” showname=true nametxt=”Name:” nameholder=”Name…” emailtxt=”Email:” emailholder=”Email Address…” showsubmit=true submittxt=”Submit” jsthanks=false thankyou=”Thank you for subscribing! You have unlocked the Club House reserved for members only! Go to http://www.angelabchrysler.com/subscribers-only/ and enter the case sensitive password: Foop”]

After making your choice, you accept the chest from Angela (Click on the chest to open it).

Chest #4

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