HMS Slush Brain

H.M.S. Slush Brain: A gaggle of inebriated yard-armies doin’ their best to console, prod, comfort and encourage each other to do their baddest damn bestest at everything–especially their written’. Arrrghhh. – Matthew William Harrill.

I do so love the Slush Brain! I invented the noun to describe the state of mind a writer achieves after spending hours researching or editing. It’s the same feeling you get when you immerse yourself in hours of studying for an exam when your brain feels like sludge.

I collect writers and, on Twitter, I collected the zaniest band of authors. On the days when we need a break from life, we board the Slush Brain we have likened to a ship. At some point I was deemed the Captain Princess Boozic, and the name stuck. This weekend, one of my good friends put together this and posted it on Twitter. It couldn’t summarize the group better.


HMS SlushBrain


Meet the Crew

Captain Princess “Boozic”

First Mate, Mrs. Dixon

Seaman Staines (Matthew William Harrill)

Kraken Kylie

Hawaii 5-O Stanislava

HMS Slush Brain

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