The Seidr Cycle Begins

Dolor and Shadow and Fire and Lies  Now Available!

  • The book covers have changed (eBook only)
  • The Paperback second edition of Dolor and Shadow is now available!
  • The paperback of Fire and Lies will be made available soon
  • Book #1″ and “Book #2” have been added to the covers
  • Each book will be re-edited this Summer
  • The bookmarks will be available this Summer
  • Get Fire and Lies (The Seidr Cycle Book #2) Free!

Coming Soon to Audible!

Broken and Dolor and Shadow

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Currently Writing…

Winter and Ash (The Seidr Cycle Book #3)

Kallan, Rune, and Bergen hunt down the answers they seek, but the answers lie at Mimir’s Well far beneath the Dvergar mines.

Release TBD

Currently Writing…

Bergen: Bane

Bound by his word, Bergen is forced to play escort to a mysterious lass who holds the secrets to Bergen’s past and Kallan’s future.

Release TBD


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