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Updated on 22 December 2016

Many site guests are unfamiliar with the benefits of subscribing to a blog. So this is me taking the guess work out of subscribing. Why exactly should you subscribe to a website or blog? Where does your information go? What exactly do you “get” for signing up? On this page, I answer those questions.

FAQ on Subscription

What exactly is www.angelabchrysler.com about?

This site is about books: what books I am writing, what books I am reading, books that cover Fantasy and Science Fiction that may interest you. New releases, story times, and book news and events. I love writing short stories where I indulge on humor and nerd-isms. I post articles on every topic I love with a focus on Fantasy. I write about philosophy, Bergen, gardening, cats, Bergen, anime, exploratory dialogue, psychology, and Bergen. Also, paintball, Marvel comics (Iron Man is better than Batman), The Walking Dead, and macabre find their way in so you’ll find plenty of that here. I spend a lot of time revisiting some of my favorite classics.

Unlike most authors, I like to keep my writing tips away from my committed readers who are uninterested with writing tips and “how-to” writing guides. www.angelabchrysler.com is about you, the reader. I publish all writing, marketing, and publishing advice on Brain to Books for those readers looking to be writers or those authors in need of assistance.

What genres can I expect from you?

I write whatever whim hits me, but overall, no matter which genre I dabble in, macabre is the focus…usually. I will rarely write anything light, simple, cheery, or happy. Happiness has to be earned and I make my characters earn it.

I write Fantasy and Poe-styled macabre. I have been told, “If Poe were to write books, it would look like this.” I also love a darker kind of sensual romance. I must make one thing clear. I do not write elaborate sex scenes that detail the act. Hate reading them. Hate writing them. My dream is to write a romance that out strips the Princess Bride minus the happy ending. I would LOVE to write “romance for men.” I’m up against a stigma I want to break. I hate happy endings. No matter what genre I write, my characters have to earn their happy endings—if they happen at all. I have no qualms about killing the main character. Be forewarned. I ground my stories with a touch of cold, hard reality.  You can sample my writing here.

Who is your style compared to?

My Norse Fantasy, Tales of the Drui, has been compared to Game of Thrones. Broken has been compared to Speak and Prince of Tides, while my writing style has been compared to Tad Williams.

How often do you post?

When I’m not working on a new release, I publish upwards of five posts in one day. I love posting deleted scenes and excerpts so keep an eye out for those. Also, I announce all new posts across my social media platforms.

Where does my information go when I sign up?

Let’s face it, this is the number #1 reason why guests hesitate to subscribe. Is my information safe? Will it be shared or sold? Will this invite unwanted spamming? How often will I get an email from you? It isn’t every day, is it?

When you hit “submit” your name and email are immediately placed in a list that only I can see on my dashboard located at Mailchimp.com. I reiterate, only I can see it. If you opt to unsubscribe, your email is immediately removed from the list, no questions asked.

When it is time for me to send out a newsletter or the mid-month digest, I simply select the email list I wish to use, then compose the newsletter through Mailchimp. It’s that simple. Some websites use a website list builder, which stores the email addresses right on the dashboard of the website. In these cases, the website host will download the list of email address to an Excel Spreadsheet. They then copy/cut/paste from Excel into the BCC of the email so other subscribers won’t see or receive your email address.

The newsletters and mid-month digest you receive from me are sent out directly from my email account under “BCC” so no one but myself sees your email address. Nothing is auto generated leaving me with complete control over what you receive with an added personal touch.

Yes. Your information is safe. No, your information will not be shared, traded, or sold. Subscribing to my site will not invite unwanted spam. My reputation is very important to me and I would never jeopardize the loyalty and trust of my readers.

How often will you email me?

My newsletters are sporadic and random. I only email when I have news to report.

At most, I send out one email around the first of every month. I no longer send out “Weekly Digests” because I now send out “Event Alert,” which is a completely separate subscription that allows subscribers of Event Alert to receive an email just on events.

What exactly do you include in your newsletters?

The newsletter contains the password that unlocks certain posts reserved for Members Only. You will also receive samples of my latest writing, short stories, or new chapters. You will also receive a list of posts from that month. Members only can view past newsletters to catch up and see what they can expect for newsletters.

Why subscribe?

Subscribing to a website on some sites is like obtaining a VIP pass to a number of privileges. On my site, all members receive a free bookmark, a free PDF or DOC of To You, and access to member only privileges on the site. On other sites, the primary reason for subscribing is to receive the monthly newsletter. The second reason for subscribing is to receive email post notifications or weekly digests. Subscribers up to end of July 2016 received a free copy of Dolor and Shadow.

What is the purpose of a monthly newsletter?

A monthly newsletter usually provides news regarding the author and their published works. Some authors provide articles only seen in the newsletter.

Are there any special benefits for subscribers?

Subscribers are the VIPs of www.angelabchrysler.com with back stage passes. They receive exclusive material and are first to receive news on reader-focused events such as new releases, recommended reading, emerging authors, and the Brain to Books events that enable readers to find their next weekend read. They receive notices for my current and upcoming book releases and the status of my current work in progress. They are offered Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) on all my new upcoming releases along with sneak previews, special offers, and giveaways. They get first “dibs” on events, sales, schedules, promotions, and trials. *Subscribers receive a free bookmark along with additional perks such as short stories, poetry, and other publications only provided to subscribers. When a new book releases, I hold a giveaway among *subscribers.

*Subscribers: At this time, I am only able to ship within the US. Please forgive this unavoidable discrimination.

 Can I unsubscribe?

Absolutely! Every email comes with an “unsubscribe” button so you can opt out at any time. Most bloggers happily accommodate your request, no questions asked.

How do I know if I’ve been removed from mailing list?

You will know you are unsubscribed by never receiving another newsletter in the following month. If you wish to receive confirmation, email me at [email protected]

Does it cost anything?

Subscription is free, and takes only a moment of your time.




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