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Pacing makes or breaks a story. No matter how good the story is, or how well the author rights, if the pacing is off, the story will die. Go too slow and the reader will put down the book and ne’er return. Go too fast and the reader will get frustrated, confused, and feel cheated. […]

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Paid Reviews and the Dilemma of Self-Published Credibility

Paid Reviews and the Dilemma of Self-Published Credibility by J. Edward Ritchie One of the biggest challenges that every self-published author has to face is generating credibility. With over a million books released every year, how can a serious writer separate their work from the half-hearted dregs and vanity projects that are inundating the market? […]

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Happy Halloween!

I feel I should do something for Halloween. I really want to do something for Halloween. Instead of writing up something and throwing out that short little something, I decided to pull one of the darkest, most horrific sections I could find in Broken and share it with you. I must warn you, this section […]

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The Psychology and Subconscious of the Fictional

The Psychology and Subconscious of the Fictional by Angela B. Chrysler A blank page. Endless possibilities stare back at the writer. They start with a character that stares back up at them—nameless, faceless, void of identity and gender. So the writer invents a face. A name is chosen (unless you are H.G.Wells), and with it […]

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