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Reader Interview on Broken

Reader interview for Broken Featuring Jules Mortimer Interviewed by Angela B. Chrysler One reader of Broken reached out to me after writing a review on Broken. After a wonderful conversation, I asked if she would be open to an interview. Thank you, Julie, so much for agreeing to this interview!   ***SPOILER ALERTS*** This post […]

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In Norse Mythology, Loki wields a sword Laevateinn as he rides to Asgard to kill Odin. Here is how Laevateinn looks as it appears in the comic Thor by Stan Lee… Here is how it appears in Tales of the Drui…   “In a series of fluid movements, Sigyn slid from the saddle, pulled the […]

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The Psychology and Subconscious of the Fictional

The Psychology and Subconscious of the Fictional by Angela B. Chrysler A blank page. Endless possibilities stare back at the writer. They start with a character that stares back up at them—nameless, faceless, void of identity and gender. So the writer invents a face. A name is chosen (unless you are H.G.Wells), and with it […]

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Six Months

Continued from Broken… Judith: “So… It’s almost November,” Judith said with a small smile. She tried to hold back the pride, but I could see it in her eyes. I had come a long way in six months. One fourth of my therapy was almost over. Elizabeth: “It is,” I said. William: “What are your […]

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