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Almost Peace

Accept my vulnerabilities. I permit a slight chuckle. I don’t even know what they are. My mind feels frail. As if my mental armor has been thinned from therapy. I have less control over my reactions. I feel raw and naked. “Who am I?” This all started with those words, didn’t it? “What do you […]

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Fractured Minds and Shattered Glass

Numb. Feel nothing. Shut it down. I slipped into my mind, into the depths where everything was black and nothing—no voice, no pain—could reach me. “Back again, huh?”I could hear Ian smirk through the dark. “I am,” I said. “You’re not supposed to shut down,” he said as if to pass the time. “I don’t […]

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Dreaming in Emotion

I’m dreaming in emotion. I’ve never experienced anything like this. As early as five, I remember… I was five. I was five when I dreampt that. My step-brother had crawled into an oven. The oven didn’t hurt him, but he melted the face of my doll. I’ve been terrified of dolls since. Seeing its face […]

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