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Vipassana: Understanding Calm

Since I was fifteen years old, I have dedicated my life to philosophy, religion, and the pursuit of my happiness. I have since refrained from such religious labels and strayed from categories like Christian, Atheist, Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist. While I have been clear on what I don’t believe, I have been less clear on […]

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Broken Society, Broken Family, Broken Me

Broken covers a plethora of topics such as rape, domestic violence, animal abuse… But first and foremost, it covers trauma and how these things look like from the inside. For these interviews, I sit down with AVBC and discuss the affects of trauma, PTSD, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), and the impact trauma is having on […]

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Marital Affairs

Coming Soon… Marital Affairs The ugly truth and Hollywood’s glorification of an emotionally shredding experience.   I wrote this on 2 November 2015… then swiftly forgot about it. Now, at nearly a year later since I wrote Broken, is as good a time as any to reflect on this. I’m going to be what only […]

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Against the Shadows Part #2

I stepped into the subterranean lake. As always, moonlight spilled across the lake. I didn’t have to wait long to hear Erik’s violin and I smiled. Many a day and night I had laid in this room, splayed on the steps… on the bed… listening to him play. I grew up here, crying into his […]

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So like me. You are I.

“You love him!” Hosea had screamed these words at me a hundred times before. There was no use in lying… pretending… I loved Him. It was more than apparent. I couldn’t say His name without glowing. “I do,” I said sorrowfully for Hosea. If there was a way I could undo this… Take away his […]

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