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With You (Dark Romance)

  The Letters are a short story series that appears in a collection of Anthologies. It is a paranormal/Gothic romance that evolves into an urban fantasy.   “I remember,” you say again. “I remember everything.” You’ll find Part One in Amor Vincit Omnia Part Three “With You” is due out Winter 2016 Currently Writing…   […]

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Tales of the Drui (Dark Fantasy)

Beyond the world, far across the sea, there is a land where the gods live deep in the ground and they call it Under Earth. There they built their realm from Seidr. There they hunt for the Drui who betrayed them. During the first war when the two clans of gods battled for Midgard, the […]

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Dolor and Shadow (Tales of the Drui Book #1) Official Page

“What’s your fantasy about?”

A fire-throwing witch, queen of the elves, has to team up with her enemy to escape the Celtic gods hunting her. It takes place in 995 C.E. in Ancient Norway, Scandinavia, Midgard, Jotunheim, and Alfheim… It’s the Viking Era seen through the elves’ point of view.

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