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Here is a collection of deleted pieces taken from Lorlenalin’s Lies.   From the Prologue: “And Odinn help us if ever she does.” Aaric released the bridge of his nose. “Her Seidr,” he whispered. “The Shadow would have masked Kallan’s Seidr.”   He had masked her Seidr from Danann too well. There is a chance… […]

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In Norse Mythology, Loki wields a sword Laevateinn as he rides to Asgard to kill Odin. Here is how Laevateinn looks as it appears in the comic Thor by Stan Lee… Here is how it appears in Tales of the Drui…   “In a series of fluid movements, Sigyn slid from the saddle, pulled the […]

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Prologue: Lorlenalin’s Lies

Please note: This edition is unedited. This is the opening chapter of Lorlenalin’s Lies! Enjoy! Lorlenalin’s Lies PROLOGUE   Borg fell to the floor of the stone room painted in streaks of flickering orange light cast by the torch secured to the wall. Wincing, he curled into the pain gouging his ribs as warm blood […]

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Tales of the Drui (Dark Fantasy)

Beyond the world, far across the sea, there is a land where the gods live deep in the ground and they call it Under Earth. There they built their realm from Seidr. There they hunt for the Drui who betrayed them. During the first war when the two clans of gods battled for Midgard, the […]

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