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The Psychology and Subconscious of the Fictional

The Psychology and Subconscious of the Fictional by Angela B. Chrysler A blank page. Endless possibilities stare back at the writer. They start with a character that stares back up at them—nameless, faceless, void of identity and gender. So the writer invents a face. A name is chosen (unless you are H.G.Wells), and with it […]

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I adore linguistics and truly wallow in the beauty of historical linguistics and etymology. But no other word gave me more issues than Astramonath. Angela, why didn’t you just call it “Easter?” This is where I pour you a cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee and we sit back on the leather couch together. […]

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Exploring Genre

Okay, so it’s 10:36 and I haven’t touched Dolor and Shadow yet, but it’s my birthday! I’m allowed to blow off work today if I want. I have so much yummy things happening and I’m just so excited! First, I found this yesterday on Twitter.   It’s paranormal romance. I read every genre and LOVE […]

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