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Poo-Pourri Review

I don’t write reviews unless I’m REALLY angry about a product, like my coffee maker. Oh, yes! Now THAT was a passionate review. Or really excited about a product…like Poo-Pourri. So here it is! I call it, “ATTENTION PARENTS! IT WORKS ON VOMIT TOO!” Yes, I spray the toilet. Yes, my poo now smells like […]

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Dear Christian…again

On the subject of hate and fear… I was watching Big Bang Theory the other day. Sheldon said something that bothered me. Quick recap: Sheldon’s mother is a Fundamental Southern Baptist from Texas. Leonard’s mother is a professional psychologist and atheist. The women meet and, let’s just say it didn’t go well. Fast forward to […]

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Recently, I’ve become painfully aware of one topic that has been creeping up more and more today. Ever since Trump took office, the subject of racism seems to be everywhere. I think often of what Morgan Freedman said. “[To end racism,] stop talking about it.” I respect Mr. Freedman, but I don’t think I agree […]

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