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Help! What Genre Do I Write?!

I know. I broke my own rules. I’m posting an article about writing on a reader’s website. Forgive me, dear reader. Humans are obsessed with labeling things. It’s part of our psychological makeup. Choke berry? Fatal. Blue berry? Safe. Fuzzy little rabbit? Safe. Saber tooth tiger with ferocious growl? Fatal. Sadly, this primitive need to […]

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Audio Books Services

In 2016, Ms. Chrysler began offering book readings to help fellow authors promote their books. What she found was an instant passion in herself,  and a vast positive response from the authors. When requests for professional readings began, Ms. Chrysler accepted. Credentials Angela B. Chrysler began her lifetime passion for theater with Shakespeare. With early […]

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Brain to Books Cyber Convention Interview

Last month Charlene Jones interviewed me regarding the Cyber Convention. This radio interview is being offered to you for marketing. If you wish to post it on your site to advertise the Cyber Convention, do so 🙂 “Like the multi-armed deity from Tibetan Buddhism pictured here, Angela B. Chrysler accomplishes more in a day than […]

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