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Bergen’s Interview

Angela: Alright. As promised, here is Bergen’s interview. Bergen: It’s about time. So far this whole thing has been about you. Angela: Yes, well…I am the author, Bergen. Now. Introduce yourself and—I almost hate doing this—tell the audience about yourself. Bergen: *grins* Gladly. I am Bergen, Prince and lord of Gunir. I am heir to […]

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Bergen Interviews His Author

“Hi! I’m Bergen,” says the 6’2’’ Viking Prince with a lax grin. “I am the author’s main character—” “You are not the main character.” Angela cuts Bergen off and throws a warning glare his way. Bergen scoffs and rolls his eyes. “I was supposed to be,” Bergen insists and continues. “To get started on Angela’s […]

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Interview with Monique Rangel

Monique Rangel just posted my interview! I love how well these two excerpts came out. Tell us about your up and coming fantasy novel, Dolor and Shadow. Dolor and Shadow is a dark fantasy that launches the Tales of the Drui series. It is about the elven witch Kallan, the Dokkalfar princess with magical powers […]

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Interview with Angela B. Chrysler

Interview with Angela B. Chrysler, author of the upcoming series Tales of the Drui Thank you for having me, Mr. Hermann.  I’m thrilled to be here.  *smiles*   What inspired you to become an author? I don’t think I ever was “inspired to become an author”.  I simply was.  I’ve always had to create something.  […]

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