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2016 Book Blast Angela B. Chrysler

Brain to Books Presents Angela B. Chrysler Genre: Fantasy, psychology, Memoir, Psychological Thriller, Romance Book: Fire and Lies (Tales of the Drui Book #2) Blood waters the fields of Alfheim. War rips across the land of elves and usurped kings. The Fae gods draw near, and Queen Kallan’s strength is tested as she follows King […]

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15 Authors of Influence

Chess DeSalls tagged me on Facebook in: 15 Authors These are 15 authors who have influenced me. The Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors who’ve influenced you and that will always stick with you. Tag 15 people including me. These great minds are not in order of influence. I have […]

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About Me

Something I recently wrote for a Facebook and loved it so much, I wanted to post it here.   About me. I don’t believe in spitting out facts. And my bio is already available to read here… And I’m a writer. Words are my bitch. I live in New York. Not the gritty, bustling city […]

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The Internet Hates Me!

My computer has a virus called Microsoft! Actually, this reign of terror comes from a sleuth of perpetrators. On Yahoo we have… On YouTube we have… regarding Chapter 13… Only to be followed by this on YouTube… regarding Chapter 14… And now this…     I understand what the gods are trying to say to […]

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