Summer of Zombies

Kick off your summer with the Summer of Zombies Blog Tour hosted by zombie enthusiast Jay Wilburn. This June, Jay features the best authors and current releases in zombie fiction featured for your summer reading pleasure. Where: Online! Start your zombie summer tour on Facebook or view the Master Schedule When: 1 June 2017 through […]

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Have you seen the new Disney movie, Moana? I loved it. It runs on replay over and over in my head. “Who am I? I’m a girl who loves my island. I’m a girl who loves the sea. It calls me. I am Moana.” Identity. That was what the movie was about. More than ever […]

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B2BCyCon Memoir Hop

Read Responsibly The topics covered in Broken are difficult for some people. I portray a number of sensitive subject matters including animal abuse, torture, graphic rape scenes, violence, strong language, and drug references. I do not sugar coat any of this. Rape, torture, and abuse are true horrors people live through. No dramatization was needed […]

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B2BCyCon Fantasy Hop

Welcome to Under Earth There still is magic in this world and I have found it. Below the roots of Yggdrasil, beyond the depths of Under Earth it is there…if only you dare to see. Characters and worlds: that is what breathes life into fantasy. And there is none better at this than Bergen. Dearest […]

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