On Broken

I’m “cleaning up” my book pages and, in so doing, and posting my original pages to the blog. Maybe I’ll want to go back and change them later. For now…I want things clean and simple. Sometimes, I think,  we try too hard. Próximamente… “Destrozada” disponible en español Coming Soon… “Broken” available in Spanish Read more […]

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The InVitro Experience Part #1

InVitro. Prior to Autumn 2018, I wasn’t sure what I thought of it. Now, I have the full knowledge of experience to formulate my opinion. I’ll launch this article on my conclusions then walk you through the process if you’re interested. I was most surprised about…having to give myself my own shots. I was most […]

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Deleted Chapter 51 – Abridged

Deleted Chapter 51 – Abridged It was a long while before either Halvard or Rune spoke again. “You can count your debt as paid,” he said, sitting forward to slump over the empty tankard. “My men can provide you with food and arms,” he offered. “We invite you to stay and sleep in some proper […]

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