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Kindred by Tiffany Apan

  FOLLOW Tiffany Writing Project TiffanyApan (Facebook) Birthrite Series (Facebook) Twitter Buy on Amazon Goodreads Smashwords   Celebrate with Giveaways Giveaway #1 I am also giving away 2 sets of the first three installments in The Birthrite Series as ebooks (I will send a raffelcopter link): Descent (The Birthrite, #1) Giveaway #2 Sacred Atonement: […]

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Dear Christian…again

On the subject of hate and fear… I was watching Big Bang Theory the other day. Sheldon said something that bothered me. Quick recap: Sheldon’s mother is a Fundamental Southern Baptist from Texas. Leonard’s mother is a professional psychologist and atheist. The women meet and, let’s just say it didn’t go well. Fast forward to […]

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Recently, I’ve become painfully aware of one topic that has been creeping up more and more today. Ever since Trump took office, the subject of racism seems to be everywhere. I think often of what Morgan Freedman said. “[To end racism,] stop talking about it.” I respect Mr. Freedman, but I don’t think I agree […]

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Summer of Zombies

Kick off your summer with the Summer of Zombies Blog Tour hosted by zombie enthusiast Jay Wilburn. This June, Jay features the best authors and current releases in zombie fiction featured for your summer reading pleasure. Where: Online! Start your zombie summer tour on Facebook or view the Master Schedule When: 1 June 2017 through […]

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Have you seen the new Disney movie, Moana? I loved it. It runs on replay over and over in my head. “Who am I? I’m a girl who loves my island. I’m a girl who loves the sea. It calls me. I am Moana.” Identity. That was what the movie was about. More than ever […]

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