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“That’s right!” Bergen says, sitting back in Angela’s black, leather chair.  “I’ve commandeered this here blog.”

He drops his muddy boots onto Angela’s writing desk while popping the cap off a bottle of Guinness he swiped from her stash. “Bergen’s Blog sounds better anyway. Unlike her, I have a lot to say. And frankly, I’m not thrilled with the lack of time she’s spent on me.” He chugs down half the bottle in one gulp while ignoring the 4’11’’ writer glaring at him. His mouth gives that delightful pop when he pulls it away.

“You’re mocking me,” Angela snarls between gritted teeth.

“You see,” Bergen says. “After panhandling Kallan for seven years, she finally…FINALLY…gets around to me and my story.” He grins. “And it’s a good one. I’m fine with that. I can be cool. But, what you don’t know is that Angela has been “taking things slow” since she wrote “The End” on Dolor and Shadow back in July. JULY! Here is it November twentieth and she’s barely finished Chapter2. And…AND…guess who Chapter one was all about. Kallan! That’s right! As if a whole frickin’ 160,000 words wasn’t enough!”

“Get out of my chair, Bergen.”

“Honey,” he grins at Angela. “Sit on it.”

Angela angrily exhales and balls her fists.

“So I’m taking over the blog! And boy, do I have stories to tell you!” Bergen glances at the bottle of Guinness and studies the label. “What is this? It isn’t gruit.”

“Hops,” Angela growls.

“Huh…Who knew.”

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